The Cocktail Bike

The Cocktail Bike is a Mobile Bar on wheels that stimulates all your senses.

Discover, taste, and most importantly enjoy all the aromas and flavors we have to offer.

Unique experience

We offer cocktails for a party or make cocktails together during a workshop.
We are unique in what we do, prioritizing quality and originality.


We offer maximum flexibility and think along with you. Choose the cocktails from our classic menu or tailor the cocktails entirely to your taste!


The Cocktailfiets is available all throughout the Netherlands & Belgium.
We provide a unique experience at a location of your choice.


The Cocktail Bike is the partner for you. We turn every occasion into a cocktailbar party.
The success of your party or event is our top priority.


The Cocktail Bike is mindful of the environment.
We use reusable plastic glasses, bioplastic straws, and reusable muddlers.

Cocktail Stories

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