Niels den Boogert – Cocktail Server – The Cocktail Bike

‘Hi! My name is Niels den Boogert, founder of De Cocktailfiets – fiets is bike in Dutch. What began as a solo initiative has now expanded to include twenty other passionate bartenders who shake cocktails alongside me.’

What does The Cocktail Bike do and what is a Mobile Cocktail Bar?
‘The Cocktail Bike is a Mobile Cocktail Bar designed to stimulate all your senses. And it doesn't come alone... it's accompanied by professional bartenders. The Cocktail Bike is a Mobile Bar on wheels. We provide unique cocktail packages and Cocktail Workshops at a location of your choice.’

What's my role at The Cocktail Bike?
‘I'm responsible for everything. Besides shaking cocktails on location, I ensure perfect preparation and follow-up. This gives me immense fulfillment. From the initial point of contact to serving the cocktails and wrapping up a wonderful evening.’

Why did I start a Mobile Cocktail Bar?
‘After completing my Hotel and Event Management study, I embarked on a trip through Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. In Australia, I spent six months bartending at a resort where I learned to shake cocktails. When I returned to the Netherlands, I wanted to continue working with cocktails. I wanted to create something unique... perhaps in the form of a Mobile Cocktailbar! This led to the birth of The Cocktail Bike, a cargo Bike transformed into a Cocktail Bar. For added mobility and practicality, I not only transformed a cargo Bike but also built my own Mobile Cocktail Bar.’

What makes my job so enjoyable?
‘Providing service and easing people's concerns energizes me. I'm highly flexible and love to brainstorm solutions with others. At The Cocktail Bike, we manage everything from start to finish, so you can focus on your guests. We prioritize quality and aim to offer a unique experience. While serving cocktails, we enjoy sharing each drink's unique story and background.’ - -