Mojito Bar

Want to rent a Mojito Bar? The Cocktail Bike would love to come to you. We work with the classic mojito ingredients: white rum, lime juice, cane sugar, and mint... As true cocktail shakers, the classic Mojito Cocktail is a must for us. Or perhaps the Strawberry Mojito? Your wish is our command. The Cocktail Bike makes it come true.

Mojito Cocktail Bar for your party or event

Of course, there are more Mojitos than just the classic. The Cocktail Bike also offers the Strawberry Mojito, Raspberry Mojito, and Nojito (a Mojito with no alcohol). We can safely say that every cocktail lover enjoys one or more of these Mojitos. When we come by with our Mojito Bar, we'll tell you more about our cocktails. Maybe you'll discover our cocktail secrets? After all, cocktails are in our DNA! Do you know which country the Mojito originates from? We'd love to tell you! Each Mojito truly has its unique taste. Want more than just Mojitos? Other cocktails or mocktails are also available. Use our reservation system to specify your wishes.  

The Cocktail Bike
"Cocktails are good proofing water. It tells you who's real and who isn't." - Thomas Shelby. We've slightly modified this quote because it sounded better to us this way. The Cocktail Bike is all about the roaring twenties (read: Peaky Blinders). With fitting caps, aprons, a Mobile Cocktail Bar, and The Cocktail Bike, we bring a distinct style to your event. Looking to organize a unique event featuring The Cocktail Bike as a Mobile Cocktail Bar? Depending on your wishes, we serve the most delightful cocktails. Want more than just Mojitos? Opt for other cocktails, mocktails, or Gin-Tonics.

Rent a Mojito Bar
Is your mouth already watering? Is your cocktail heart starting to race? Quickly check if The Cocktail Bike is available on your chosen date. We look forward to adding some extra ambiance to your party or event!