What is The Cocktail Bike?

The Cocktail Bike is a Mobile Cocktail Bar; we offer unique cocktail catering & on-site Cocktail Workshops.

What kind of cocktails do you offer?

We operate with a set menu of 8 to 10 cocktails, which is a mix of classic, unique & signature cocktails. We love letting you taste something you've probably never had before. If your favorite cocktail isn't on the list, we're of course flexible and will add it to the menu.

Can The Cocktail Bike be in a park or public space?

Unfortunately, due to alcohol laws and regulations, we prefer to be on private property (personal or business).

What is a mocktail?

"Mocktail" comes from the word "mock," which means "fake." It's a cocktail without alcohol.

Do you offer mocktails?

Besides our cocktails, we also offer mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails). If there's a request for no alcohol at all, we can provide just mocktails.

Which Cocktail Bars can I choose from?

We have a Mobile Cocktail Bar in the form of a Bike and a smaller Mobile Cocktail Bar. For more information, check under the Mobile Cocktail Bar section.

What is the minimum order of cocktails?

Given the size of the Bike, we start from 100 cocktails. The smaller Mobile Bar can start from 75 cocktails.

What are the dimensions of The Cocktail Bike?

The Bike is 310cm long and 120cm wide. Please check in advance whether the Bike fits at the location. In case of bad weather, we prefer to be sheltered or indoors. If the Bike doesn't fit, the smaller Mobile Bar is the best option.

What does a Mobile Cocktailbar cost?

Wij werken met all-in prijzen op basis van het aantal cocktails, hoe meer cocktails, hoe strakker de prijs per cocktail. De kleinere mobiele bar is al te boeken vanaf 75 cocktails voor €885,- incl. btw ex. reiskosten.

To which locations does The Cocktail Bike go?

We zijn gevestigd in Rotterdam en operationeel door heel Nederland & België, geen stad of dorp is voor ons te ver.

What time do you arrive on-site?

We're always on-site at least one hour in advance so we can set up and prepare.

How long is The Cocktail Bike on-site?

The duration depends on the number of cocktails ordered, the number of attendees, and the number of bartenders deployed. On average, our presence includes 1 hour for setup, 2-3 hours for shaking cocktails, and 1 hour for breakdown. We can always stay longer if more cocktails are ordered or based on hourly rates.