Gin & Tonic Bar

Does your favorite cocktail resemble an underwater masterpiece, filled with fruity and bitter flavors? A slice of lemon, a piece of cucumber, or floating raspberries... We're talking about the Gin-Tonic. For the tastiest Gin-Tonic, you can rent our mobile Gin & Tonic Bar!

Gin & Tonic Bar for your party or event

The Gin & Tonic has become one of the most popular cocktails in recent years. The ingredients? Gin, Tonic, and many more for your taste buds. The flavors vary with every glass. We at The Cocktail Bike are also fans of the Gin-Tonic. That's why we're eager to serve it at your party or event. Sweet, sour, bitter, bittersweet, or spicy... The Cocktail Bike serves them all! Of course, you can indicate your preferred Gin & Tonic in advance and combine it with other well-known cocktails. All reservations are tailor-made based on your preferences... and taste buds!

The Cocktail Bike
Hire our Cocktail Bike with our cocktail bartenders. They bring the roaring twenties to your party or event. From a surprise party in the garden to a corporate festival or wedding. We're more than happy to bring our Mobile Gin & Tonic Bar to your location. If you have many guests or more requests, it's also possible to hire additional bartenders or rent an extra Mobile Bar.

Rent a Gin & Tonic Bar
Can't wait to taste a Gin & Tonic with steak spices or Indonesian seasonings? Quickly check our availability in our reservation system. Let us know which Gin & Tonics you'd like to drink and if you'd like to add any other cocktails or mocktails. See you soon!