Mobile Cocktail Bar

The Cocktail Bike is a Mobile Bar that stimulates all your senses. Discover, taste, and most importantly, enjoy all the aromas and flavors we have to offer.

Mobile Cocktail Bar for your party or event

Be surprised by unique cocktails, served on-site from our Mobile Cocktail Bar. The bartenders set the ambiance with a real Peaky Blinders look and feel. The fitting caps and aprons immediately remind you of the roaring twenties! We shake, stir, and pour glasses of pure delight and ensure a fantastic atmosphere. No standard drinks, but unique cocktails to which we have given our own twist. The Mobile Cocktail Bar is ideal for smaller events and venues such as a rooftop terrace or living room. The Mobile Cocktail Bar is available starting at 75 cocktails.  

Cocktails: Mojito, Ginger Bird (Ketel 1 Jenever and Pinkyrose Lemonade) & Moscow Mule.

The Cocktail Bike

Looking for something to switch things up? Swap the standard bar at a food truck festival or corporate party with one that has a real 1920s look. The Cocktail Bike is a Mobile Bar on wheels and is the perfect eye-catcher. The original Bike dating from 1930, combined with our unique cocktails and experienced bartenders, creates a fantastic atmosphere. Did you know that cocktails also originated in the 1920s? We will tell you all about it while mixing the cocktails. The Cocktail Bike is available starting at 100 cocktails.

Cocktails: Hazelnut Caipiroska, The Rotterdam Butcher & The Flamingo.

Want to rent a Mobile Cocktail Bar?

Want to rent a Mobile Bar for your location? Tell us your wishes through the reservation system. Every reservation is tailor-made. All cocktails can be customized. We'd love to show you some of our options in our Cocktail Guide. For larger events or parties, it's possible to hire multiple bartenders or two Mobile Cocktail Bars.

Note: De Cocktailfiets kan helaas niet op moeilijk bereikbare locaties komen. In dat geval raden wij de mobiele bar aan. Een Mobiele Cocktailbar is in te huren vanaf €885,- incl. BTW, all-in.