Mocktail Bar

Looking to rent a Mocktail Bar for your party or event? The Cocktail Bike creates the tastiest alcohol-free cocktails. From a delightful Nojito to the impressive Virgin Flamingo... The Cocktail Bike serves it all!

Mocktail Bar for your party or event

Planning a special event and want to make it a unique experience? Book our Mocktail Bar. We are ready to serve alcohol-free cocktails at your location. Cocktails without alcohol can be just as delicious, ensuring every guest enjoys a delightful drink. There can be a hundred and one reasons someone doesn't drink alcohol. It would be a shame for them to miss out, right? We turn your event into a real mocktail party. The Cocktail Bike offers the following mocktails: Nojito, Virgin Flamingo, Virgin Moscow Mule, Virgin Ginger Bird, and many more. Or customize the mocktails entirely to your taste. Are you getting thirsty yet?!

The Cocktail Bike

Renting a Mocktail Bar doesn't mean there aren't cocktails for the other guests. We have something for everyone. When renting our Mobile Bar, it's possible to tell us all your personal preferences. Choose the most delicious mocktails AND cocktails, ensuring all guests get to experience their favorite drink. Additionally, The Cocktail Bike brings a special 1920s look and feel (think: Peaky Blinders). With fitting caps and aprons, the bartender takes you back to the roaring twenties era. The bartenders shake, stir and pour. Leading up to the most crucial moment: tasting!

Rent a Mobile Mocktail Bar

Want to rent a Mocktail Bar for your event or location? Tell us your preferences through the reservation system. Select the most delicious mocktails (and cocktails). Our bartenders will turn it into a celebration. For larger events, it's possible to hire multiple bartenders and Mobile Bars.