Themed Peaky Blinders Party

Organizing a themed Peaky Blinders party? Consider all the details to set up the perfect event. After all, the roaring twenties were wild and flamboyant! And nothing completes it more than serving cocktails from an original 1920s Bike.

Peaky Blinders Party

"It's not a good idea to look at Thomas Shelby the wrong way," said Mr. Shelby. The Netflix series Peaky Blinders was sensational and captured the hearts of fans all over the world. With a good dose of crime, history, and sharp quotes, Peaky Blinders grabbed viewers' attention. The series is immediately recognizable by the distinctive style of the roaring twenties (also known as the 1920s). Old-fashioned caps, suits, and a high British essence. A unique style that increasingly became popular for birthdays, carnival, or Halloween. And thus, the perfect theme for your party.   

The Cocktail Bike at your Peaky Blinders Party

The Cocktail Bike started with an original 1920s Bike. This is the era where the cargo Bike originally comes from. It is no secret that The Cocktail Bike has a love for cocktails. But we wanted something different. Shaking, stirring, and serving cocktails in a unique style. Bartenders with caps and aprons, sharing fun facts about the "cocktail." This way, you genuinely bring the roaring twenties to your themed party, creating a unique atmosphere for your birthday, bachelorette party, corporate festival, or other events. Want to know which cocktails we serve? The selection can be tailored to your preferences.  

Rent The Cocktail Bike

Want to rent The Cocktail Bike for your Peaky Blinders or roaring twenties themed party? We come on-site. Check our availability and communicate your favorite cocktails. Organizing a larger event? It's possible to hire multiple bartenders or Mobile Cocktail Bars. All our prices are customized.